How I’ve created a winning brand strategy for Secret Tel Aviv’s Instagram Account

Written by Tanya Glovatskaia, Secret Tel Aviv’s Head of Social Media

1️⃣ First thing I did on my first day working in Secret Tel Aviv was competitors analysis to find our place in the niche

We knew that there’s the amazing Telavivian account – they have really aesthetic content, fancy restaurants and they use israeli music. Their target audience are mainly tourists. Also we knew that official tel aviv account are really formal and very politically correct.

We identified an opportunity to differentiate ourselves by embracing an underground, hip hop style that aligns with our brand, as demonstrated by our graffiti logo.

– To further enhance our strategy, we adopted best practices from our competitors
(ADOPT, but NOT copy past) to learn how to be inspired from someones content read a book – “how to steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon)

😍 bonus: you get inspired to become #1 in niche

2️⃣ specifying our target audience
Our community is for Tel Aviv millennials, who enjoy city life and activities such as parties, concerts, stand-up comedy, beer pong, and drag shows.

3️⃣ defining STA brand!
STA we defined our brand’s tone as informal and friendly, using slang and emojis in our communication

4️⃣ Last but not least – we selected platforms based on our brand’s needs and goals. We decided to stick with:
– TikTok
– Instagram
– YouTube shorts

By examining the market and identifying a gap in it, we developed our social media strategy (see my previous post about STA strategy)