How to build a content strategy for Instagram and TikTok

Hi everyone, my name is Tanya and I’m a social media manager in Secret Tel Aviv 🔥

And in my first post I want to share with you how we managed to get all these ⬇️ crazy results usuing our content strategy for orgranc growth

INSTAGRAM – in the last month we reached 340k accounts, engaged 22K and we got +4200 followers
TIKTOK – i started working with brand new account, and just in 2 months we got: 631K video views, 38k likes, 3060 followers

In our social media strategy we focused on 4 things: reels/tiktok’s, stories, highlights, bio

1️⃣ Our main priorites are reels and tiktoks. Because it’s a free way of growing your socials + they reach a lot of new audience.

We go to and film street food places, munchies, desserts, brunches (+soon we’re gonna start posting fun activities around the city ;))

What works for us:
– use trendy music 
– start the video with a loud noise (not from the slow part of the song)
– titles are really important (for us word BEST works the best)
– keep it less than 15 sec
– go to new places and feel the trends (we did 7/11 video, we knew it was gonna be big and got 200k views in 2 days)
– we ask local people about their favorite secret places
– also you need to know that reels and tik toks take time to kick in (like with our first viral video “saône rhône”, after 2 weeks we posted it – it randomly went viral i got 150k views in 3-4 days)

2️⃣ Stories – events of the day. We knew that the calendar page is very popular on our website, so we recreated it in our stories. So every day we post 5-8 stories with the best events of the day, we’re focusing on parties, concerts, beer pong, drag shows and etc

3️⃣ Highlights – we took most popular pages from the website and replicated them in our highlights. Trends for highlights – use “live” photo covers and understandable names, inside put only content corresponding to the name

4️⃣ bio / link tree – the task of BIO is to make it clear to a new person in the first few seconds what this blog is about and why should he stay here
maximum simplicity, solid expertise, free structure, but use key words (so it’ll be easier to find your account through search) 
linktree: lists all the services/content your brands provides. There we have all our important links, which are devided by groups (STA website, Social Media, STA sponsors)

5️⃣ Interacting with your followers though comments and direct. Each time you’ll spend answering new comments – the more engagement it will bring

6️⃣ Use other places where to share – Newsletter, Facebook group, Whats App groups