Why Employer Branding and Communities make a GREAT TEAM

After the excesses of the last few years, more and more Companies are turning to Communities to boost their Employer Branding… here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. Employees want to work for companies who do social good – and Communities are a great example of this.
  2. Spending money on Communities provides long-term good rather than just a good party.
  3. Employees don’t look favourably any more on all the excesses when their friends are losing jobs.
  4. Companies can look cool by associating with cool Communities.
  5. Communities can help Companies reach passive candidates who aren’t even looking for jobs at the moment.
  6. Communities provide help and support for employees – and happy employees are more effective employees.
  7. Communities are a cost-effective way to distribute Companies’ existing Employer Branding campaigns.
  8. Communities are a great place for Companies to encourage employees to share positive Employer Branding.
  9. Companies can gain valuable insights from Communities regarding what employees care about.
  10. Communities are desperate for revenue and will go above-and-beyond to help Companies that support the